• SNA Certified Partners

    SNA Certified Partners

    • Decades of Security & Technology Innovation
    • IPVideo Corporation harnesses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver a range of open platform physical security, sensor and audio/visual solutions that provide maximum flexibility, performance, ease-of-use and value. We design and manufacture solutions for a smarter and safer world! IPVideo Corporation is a subsidiary of Advance Convergence Group.
    • Our newest product offering HALO IOT Smart Sensor is disrupting the world of physical security. As the security industry product of the year, HALO is a security device for privacy areas and an environmental monitoring tool. Its vaping and THC detection capabilities are gaining global attention and being used by school districts across the country to combat the youth vaping epidemic.

    • PM Power Products, LLC provides unique and innovative products that enhance dealer’s and integrator’s ability to increase sales opportunities and assist with project implementation. We have many years of experience with installation of telephony products and services, and we have taken our knowledge and applied it to creative product solutions for the market.
    • Tresit Group is based out of northern Utah. The team has experience and extensive backgrounds in security, technology, military and management. Tresit Group specializes in active threat response and risk management.  We are committed to providing effective and innovative security solutions for schools, as well as businesses and other organizations.  The art of security in evolving and expanding threat environments is second nature to our management with experience in U.S. Military Special Operations, Federal and State Law Enforcement, International Law and IT security. 
    • Tresit Group's team of security experts are continually researching, developing and refining our technical and operational security solutions through software development and other means to help you meet the diverse and continually evolving threats of our present day.